Crossing Points
The Saga of Ben Cole: Book One

About the book

The Saga Begins...


For Ben Cole, adventure is second nature. He has been sent all over the world observing its inhabitants at their best and their worst through a lens, but this time the trip is not his choice… or his world.

Ben and his brother Alex survive where they should have perished only to be thrown into the middle of a terrible war that has nothing to do with them. The struggle between good and evil is not unique to Earth. 

The crossing changes them both. They must learn to control their new-found power and fragile minds.

But before they can find a Way home, they must find each other.

Sides must be chosen, but sometimes the right side is not always as clear as it first seems.

And among it all, love can be found.

Cross with us into Sira, a land of fierce creatures, wild magics, and daring adventure.


About the Author


 AT TEN YEARS OLD Michael Willison Long pulled a box of musty books from a shelf in his grandmother’s basement that had belonged to his father as a boy. Inside he discovered a world full of dragons, robots, and magic. Michael instantly fell in love with the fantasy genre and has been an avid reader ever since. 

When he is not lost inside his own head, molding magical worlds, Michael is an American supply chain executive who currently lives and works in Tampa, Florida. A husband and father first, he’s taken nine years to write his debut novel in his free time. When he’s not working or writing, Michael enjoys traveling with his family, playing tennis, and reading. He is also a slightly-addicted World of Warcraft player.



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